Women’s bamboo shoots always seem to be “satisfied” by women because of their modern and fashionable designs and equally “luxurious”. Moreover, this shirt does not “cocoon” the wearer so this shirt is a fashion item that many women love to choose to wear special days or to important places.

So how to become new and more impressive with the shirt? Let’s practice with CANIFA as a stylist for yourself with simple and effective “coordination” methods!

What shirt should be worn inside the jacket
Wear layer with shirt
Instead of just wearing a monotone shirt and nothing outstanding, why don’t you try the very simple way to wear a layer below? Just add a round neck sweater or a heart with a shirt inside, you’ve finished half the mix match step for your set!

And do not hesitate to add this outfit with modern leather legging pants and short neck boots. Make sure the set with your shirt is not boring at all.
Mix shoots with turtleneck sweaters
One of the ways to dress with a jacket that she should not ignore is coordinating with a turtleneck sweater.

The classic sweater with the classic but not least fashionable neckline will make your jacket stand out more than ever. You can stylize a bit with the way a half-bear shirt goes into your pants.
What pants are worn by women ‘s shirt?
Complete the set with the shirt with the way to choose the real pants to mix match with what you have chosen!
Feminine with set of skirt and shirt
Leather-style shirt – jacket: This is exactly what you need for a set of street suits today! You can cleverly put the shirt inside the skirt to show off the charm from the waist and the hip. And in the end, don’t be afraid to break up with an active pair of sneakers!