Winter is an ideal time for young people to “fever” with cold season fashion, from bomber jackets, trench coat, jacket leather … to simple hoodies that are no less personal.

Despite the “enthronement” of other fashionable outfits, the hoodie jacket remains intact, never outdated by its basic but supreme style.

Being described as the “divine” item of the cold season, hoodie is considered an indispensable costume in every guy’s closet. It is popular, but not everyone knows how to associate with the hoodie with other clothes to be trendy and eye-catching.

In this article, CANIFA Blog will suggest you some cool tips to beautify this extreme outfit!
Hoodie is a hoodie, usually made of warm, thick material, with a wide form design. This shirt is seen as a basic item in everyone’s closet, especially boys.

Over the decades, when hip-hop culture made a series of revolutionaries that profoundly affected the street style, hoodie was “capped” by many famous hip-hop stars, graffiti artists until The street dancers and became extremely powerful fashion declarations.