Forget the tweet cloth coat or dark winter shawl. It’s time for the gentlemen to refresh their wardrobe to welcome the new year. If you have no idea, let ELLE Man suggest you items that can become “weapons” for men in this new year.

  1. Denim jacket
    Denim jackets appeared in the early 20th century and with many different names for it, and obviously with the endurance over the years and inconvenience of the year, this is a “good” item. deserves the first roll on the list of fashion items for Spring 2019.
  2. Overshirt shirt
    Only a few items can provide a relaxed, powerful and liberal style in men’s fashion and a overshit shirt (shirt for outerwear) is one of them. It was a shirt for railroad engineers, miners or carpenters, that was enough to imagine that this was a jacket made with a sturdy rough fabric, which was warm enough but wouldn’t have to worry about making the suit Your becomes cumbersome and heavy.
  3. Desert Boots
    Desert boots, also known as Chukka boots, are one of the classic and versatile items in men’s fashion over the past seven decades and can help lift your style significantly. Originally a costume for British troops, desert boots are characterized by leather or suede uppers and rubber soles making it one of the most highly applicable items ever.
  4. Glasses
    One of the familiar but effective accessories in helping the face become less boring than a pair of glasses. However, remember to choose a pair of glasses that fit your face and don’t be afraid to experience different materials or colors so that your men’s fashion style becomes more diverse and colorful.
  5. Hoodie shirt
    Hoodie has always been one of the most classic items of sport and street fashion for years. However there is a lot of transformation in the hoodie material over the years, recent years of high-end brands also putting hoodie in their products by upgrading them to a higher level with high-quality fabrics. , thin texture and more elegant white. Thanks to that, the hoodie retains the inherent elegance and appeal.